The Writer’s Almanac features my poems “Repairs” and “Virtual Seder” and an interview by Garrison Keillor

You can find a video of me reading some of my poems here.


My collection, Cutting Room, is available from Terrapin Books . If you would like to purchase a signed copy, contact me via this website.

The cover is by well-known artist Joe Waks. 



Repairs is available at Finishing Line Press or Amazon or contact me via this website to order a signed copy.

Links to poems published online

“Evolution” appears in Verse Daily

“Labor Day” appears in Verse Daily

“After Babel” appears in Tiferet

“Entry from the Handbook of General Regrets” appears in One Sentence Poems

“You Would Have Enjoyed” appears in Frost Meadow Review

“Landscape with Widow, Early March” appears in Eclectica

“Village Street in Auvers Van Gogh, 1890″ appears in U.S.1 Worksheets

“Comfort Food” appears in Apple Valley Review

“Edge of the Nest” appears in Literary Mama

“The Funhouse” appears in the Valparaiso Poetry Review

“Touring L’Avenc” and “Icon Found at the 12th Century Monastery of Saint Pere de Casseres” appear in Diode

“Traffic Jam” appears in Poetry Magazine

“Confused, You Let Hours Drip Away” appears in Moondance

“The War Memorial” appears in History Online


An essay  concerning the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. in January 2017 appears in Jewish Currents.

An essay about my poem “Good Humor” appears in Glassworks

My review of Janlori Goldman’s book, Bread From a Stranger’s Oven is also in Jewish Currents.